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  • The link for video submission will be emailed once the payment is verified.

  • Video of presentation must be in English with the maximum duration of 5 minutes.

  • Each video submitted must begin with the i-JaMCSIIX 2022 official clip which can be downloaded via the following link:

  • Criteria to be evaluated:

    • Product

    • Originality

    • Usefulness

    • Commercial Potential

    • Academic Recognition and Intellectual Property Recognition

    • Prototype Readiness

    • Presentation & demo

    • Videography

  • E-Content

    • Creativity

    • Originality

    • Organization/ Neatness

    • Content

    • Assessment

    • Presentation & Demo

    • Videography

  • Also, evidence such as patent application letter, papers, journals should be uploaded as well as ONE PDF file.

  • Submission is due on 1st July 2022.

***The organizer reserves the right to amend the Exhibition Format without giving prior notifications or any reasons thereof.

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